Our story

Since the early 1900s, Giuseppe Berti and his wife Antonia had run a fishermen’s workshop at the marina.
In 1940, their eldest daughter, Mina, married Leardo Leardini, the first of 3 generations of hoteliers. Their sons, Giuseppe and Francesco, inherited the art of hospitality by their mother. They preserved and improved this tradition, and passed it on to their children and grandchildren.
In 1956, at great sacrifice, Mina, her brother Agostino and their mother Antonia opened a hotel. They wanted to give it a name which best represented the desire to recover from the anguish of wartime and the idea of a “neutral” place where guests could enjoy a relaxing holiday. 

At the time, it was inevitable not to think of Switzerland, as it stayed neutral during the war: this is how the Lugano Hotel was born.
In the meantime, from a tiny fishermen village, Cattolica was becoming a famous holiday town in Romagna.

In 1968, Mina and Leardo’s younger son, Francesco, inherited the Hotel and ran it until recently, flanked by his cousin Giuseppe Berti for a few years.
Mina and Leardo’s children and grandchildren have never abandoned the hotel mission: offering their guests authentic hospitality, kindness, good food and fun, with respect for the tradition made in Romagna.  

The Iacubinos have been running the hotel and keep faith with these traditions.