The history of the Hotel Lugano

In the early-20thcentury, Giuseppe Berti and his wife Antonia opened a small shop for fishermen in the Cattolica harbour area.

In 1940, their eldest daughter, Mina, married Leardo Leardini. Together they gave life to three generations of hoteliers: Mina taught the art of hospitality to her sons, Giuseppe and Francesco, and they in turn refined it and passed it on to their children and grandchildren.

In 1956, at great cost and with considerable sacrifices, Mina, her brother Agostino and their mother Antonia opened a hotel. They chose to give it a name able to best express their desire to recover from the anguish of the war years, and give their guests a “neutral” place in which to spend a relaxing holiday.
At that time, mental links with Switzerland as a neutral country during the war were inevitable: hence the name, Hotel Lugano.

Meanwhile, Cattolica, from being a small fishing town began to turn into a well-known Romagna holiday resort.

In 1968, the Hotel Lugano passed into the hands of Mina and Leardo’s younger son, Francesco, who ran it until only recently, helped for some years by his cousin Giuseppe Berti.

In that same period Mina and Leardo’s eldest son, Giuseppe, married Anna Gabellini, daughter of another family of hoteliers, and together they opened the Hotel Nobel in Gabicce Mare.

The Hotel Lugano grew and flourished under the management of Francesco; in 1977, his wife Erika also gave a decisive contribution to the team.

The children and grandchildren of Mina and Leardo have never abandoned the mission behind the business activity ever since the beginning: in accordance with the best traditions of Romagna - to make guests feel really at home, with warm hospitality, good food and plenty of fun.

The Leardini-Iacubino family which now runs the hotel continues to abide by these fundamental principles.